Drive to
Net Zero and Save

Station A is a clean energy marketplace that helps car dealerships go solar for $0 and lock in a lower electric bill for 20-25 years.

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Do it for free

Analyze your dealership for solar potential, organize your data, and compare proposals online — all for free.


No-cost solar project

With financing options such as a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or rooftop lease, you won't have to pay anything out of pocket — you simply get a lower electricity rate that's locked in for 20-25 years.


No-cost bidding process

Enjoy a simple, all-digital onboarding and data collection process. We have streamlined the process to collect and organize the data needed to publish an RFP and share your project with our growing provider network.


Straightforward proposals

Receive proposals from our providers and compare them side-by-side, with as little or as much advice you want from our advisors. Ensure a competitive procurement process that aligns with your dealership's best practices.

Do it for your dealership

Solar can slash your energy expenses, boost your reputation, and power you into the future.


Slash energy costs

Energy bills are often the third largest expense for a dealership due to outdoor lights, showroom equipment, and HVAC. Most dealerships see energy bills as a fixed monthly burden, but with solar, your bills can go to $0.


Boost your brand

Dealerships are all about brand, and solar is a great way to boost your public perception with younger patrons and eco-conscious, forward-thinking customers.


Be a part of the future

Solar complements other trends, such as EV chargers and electric vehicles. Imagine a world where your dealership receives free power from the sun to power everything from your vehicles to your showroom.


Get Started

Station A's building evaluation + digital RFP process are the most efficient and transparent way to solicit bids from a trusted network of renewable energy providers.