Power your school with the sun

Station A's AI-powered software platform helps schools go solar by lowering the data barrier to getting started. Evaluate your campus for the best opportunities at no cost.



How Station A Works

Analyze your school's energy savings potential,
organize your options, and compare proposals online, all for free.


Get your building's grade

With our free Clean Energy Grades, instantly see your school's energy bill savings potential and financing options such as a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or rooftop lease, that don't require you pay anything out of pocket.


No-cost bidding process

We've created a simple, all-digital process to collect and organize the data needed to publish an RFP, post your project in our marketplace to collect reliable project proposals from our growing provider network.


Compare proposals easily

Receive proposals from our providers and compare them side-by-side, with as little or as much advice as you want from our team. Ensure a competitive procurement process that aligns with your school's best practices.



Clean energy transition made easy

Procure clean energy in an organized and transparent way.


Status Quo

Spend money and time to assess viability of projects independently

Hire an expensive consultant to "broker" clean energy projects

Provide developers with the same information over and over

Deal with multiple change orders and the associated cost increases or delays



Station A

Analyze your school for solar potential with just a building address

Collect building data and create your buyer profile just once

Easily compare and share project proposals from providers

Track your progress online

Station A is totally free for clean energy buyers.
Station A collects a small success fee from providers for each project originated. 

Benefits of Clean Energy

Going solar means more room for the things that matter.


Better teacher salaries

Solar will decrease your electricity bill by 70-100%, which gives you more budget room for things that matter, like teacher salaries, music programs, and school infrastructure.


Educate your students

Solar can serve as a "living laboratory" on your school and educate your students about photovoltaics, electricity generation, and net zero energy. 


Unlimited, reliable energy

Installing solar on your school will decouple you from the less reliable central grid and provide dependable, clean energy for decades. 

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Start meeting your ESG goals with clean energy

Haven't purchased clean energy before? Check out our simple and straightforward guide to help you map your journey to zero emissions.