Looking to buy clean energy?

Station A is a clean energy marketplace that helps you save time and money while ensuring your company's practices are environmentally sustainable.

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Do it for free

Analyze your portfolio, organize your data, and compare proposals online, all for free.


Analyze your portfolio

As a sustainability leader you oversee many ESG initiatives. Energy is just one element of a comprehensive corporate sustainability strategy. Save time and get automated assessments for hundreds of buildings to focus on the best clean energy opportunities.


Collect data once

Enjoy a simple, all-digital onboarding and data collection process. We have streamlined the process to collect and organize the data needed to publish an RFP and share your project with our growing provider network.


Compare proposals easily

Receive proposals from our providers and compare them side-by-side, with as little or as much advice you want from our advisors. Ensure a competitive procurement process that aligns with corporate compliance best practices.

Do it transparently

Procure clean energy in a transparent way that aligns with your compliance priorities. 



Spend money and time to assess viability of projects independently

Hire an expensive consultant to "broker" clean energy projects

Provide developers with the same information over and over

Get inundated with providers trying to win you over so that you will directly source projects from them

Deal with multiple change orders and the associated cost increases or delays



Analyze buildings at scale

Onboard and collect data once

Compare proposals easily

Track everything online





Do it faster

Focus in on a location and select the best provider for a clean energy project in only 4 weeks.


Get your grade

All you need is your portfolio addresses and we'll determine which buildings hold the most clean energy potential. Your building's clean energy grade contains information like estimated bill savings, available financing types, and projected electricity costs.


Run your RFP

List your project for free in the Station A Marketplace. The digital RFP process takes what is normally a manual, lengthy, and opaque procurement process, and organizes a transparent and competitive process in your favor.


Select your provider

Review your proposals side-by-side with Station A and choose the best clean energy project proposal. Station A will facilitate the meeting between you and your selected provider, where you will agree on contract terms and begin installation.


Start your journey here

Schedule your consultation with Station A and start meeting your goals with clean energy.